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Nikyha, Never Forgotten: Sacred Sword Says Goodbye to Our Qigong Master

On November 27th, 2020, the martial arts world suffered the devastating loss of Tai Chi Master Nikyha Lou Vauters. Her passing was a surprise to her friends and family, who believed she was on the mend from symptoms that began only months ago.

Nikyha, or Nik, as she liked to be called, was the main instructor for Breathing Earth Tai Chi and Qigong courses that were set to begin at Sacred Sword Martial Arts as soon as the Pandemic had slowed enough to train. She had big plans for the new building and the addition of her style to the offered courses. She and her life partner Skye had even made tentative plans to join the staff of SSMA in cleaning the litter and debris up around the nearest exit to the dojo.

"Though gone, you won’t leave us. You are in the hearts of everyone that knew you (...)" states Sensei Gordon Green in a heartfelt Facebook tribute to his lifelong friend and fellow instructor.

The day of her passing, Facebook and other social media sites were flooded with hundreds of such tributes to the late Master, displaying descriptions and images of her life, her silly sense of humor, her dedication to local black and LGBTQ+ communities, and her world-class martial arts skill.

On her website, Nik eloquently describes Tai Chi (Taiji), its benefits and purpose: "Taiji has been described as a moving meditation and is beneficial for countless health matters. It is a powerful pathway to fitness, pain relief, relaxation, increased focus, self-healing, and it aids in spiritual awareness. Taiji integrates mind, body, and spirit." - Master Nikyha Vauters,

It is not decided yet whether her partner Skye wishes to continue the legacy and teach the upcoming Tai Chi/ Qigong classes at SSMA, and the dojo wishes to extend every courtesy and all of our love to her in her time of grief. The website will be updated when and if it becomes appropriate. In the meantime, students are encouraged to consider Tai Chi for themselves once the dojo adds this valuable, vital course-offering.


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