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Uniforms - Apparel - Teas - Incense

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Highest Quality Testing and Training Uniforms

Show Your School Spirit!

A taste (and smell) of Sacred Sword

Students must wear a testing gi in order to be tested for rank. You can train in your testing gi. 
Students may purchase a (lighter) training gi in order to keep the more expensive testing gi nice for tests and seminars. You may NOT test in your training gi, nor should you wear it to seminars.

All uniforms must have patches (sold in house).

Wear your school pride and tell the world where you train! 
We are proud to present a new line of SSMA shirts and hoodies for all current students, past students, and the friends and family members that support us.
More designs will be released soon!
Get yours before inventory runs out. 

Sacred Sword is proud to announce The White Lotus Tea Shop. Our signature loose leaf blends come in assorted flavors. Currently Genmaicha is the base tea for all orders. Herbal blends of this traditional Japanese "brown rice" tea include:
- Chamomile-Lavendar
- Mint
- Rose
- Hybiscus
- Magic Purple Pea Blossom
- Orange
- Harvest Spices

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