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Senior Instructor Sensei Gordon Green has studied Master Steven Seagal's personal brand of Aikido for over 30 years, and received his black belts under Sensei Freeman and Sensei Santos.

Sensei Green is a former middleweight boxer and Army Ranger. He has trained under many styles and varieties of martial arts, but Aikido is primary. In more than three decades of practice and work in the executive protection industry, his technique boasts a practicality and flavor that is unique to his school and students.

JASON ASH, 2nd Dan


Jason Ash is a second degree black belt in Tenshin Aikido. He teaches classes on Wednesdays and Fridays. His martial arts training stretches over thirty years, and he has extensive experience with blunt weapons, blades, and firearms. 

KIRK "Stickboy" Nemeth - Guro

Stick escrima_edited.jpg

Guro "Stick," as he is known to his students, started training in Serrada Eskrima at the age of 13. For 28 years, he pursued mastery, teaching as many people along the way as he could. After the passing of his original teacher, Sifu Shannon Walsh, he tracked down his teacher's teacher, Master Charles "Chuck" Cadell III.

Master Chuck Cadell is the last master certified by the Grandmaster Angel Cabales. Guro Stick is certified by Master Chuck Cadell in Tanikala de Serrada Eskrima, and continues under his instruction to this day.

Tyra "Red" Leesman - (teaching student) Brown Belt


Tyra has been practicing Aikido for most of her life, and has trained in Aikido for nearly fifteen years. She teaches kids classes on Mondays and Saturdays, focusing on character-building and personal safety in addition to technical ability. 
She has trained in several other arts, including Shotokan and MMA over the years, and co-founded an annual convention for all martial arts called Dojocon.

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